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Are you living your life or simply existing in life?

Life Directions is a thought provoking, self-reflective book. It will guide you effortlessly through life, no matter your age.

If you find yourself feeling stressed-out, overwhelmed or experiencing a loss of clarity, Life Directions can offer a new perspective. By implementing the principals of the DREAM system, you can illuminate a new path to transform your life and live without guilt or regret.

Think of life as an enormous jigsaw puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle represents happiness & joy, challenges & obstacles, wisdom and knowledge. We are not born knowing everything we need to know to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Every experience is a small piece of that life puzzle. In order to find all your pieces and put them into the proper placement, youll need to try out new opportunities and have lots of experiences. Some will be successful and others will not. Each failure is not really a failure, it is simply that your piece of puzzle doesnt fit in that place at that time. Keep it and try again later._ excerpt from chapter three

Rhonda Cimorelli is a Certified Transformational Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She brings 50 years of life experience, wisdom and knowledge into her book, Life Directions. Rhonda is the mother of 4 children, 2 grandchildren and married for over 30 years.

The concepts of Life Directions came about as a result of wanting to survive and thrive through some very difficult life challenges rather than remain lost and in despair.

The DREAM system is a series of words associated with each letter in the acronym that can take anyone at any age and empower them to live your life without guilt or regret.

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